Why Press on nail?

Press on nails is a fast and easy way to get your nails done without waiting in a busy salon. This is for a person that is on the go and want to look fabulous.

How do I apply press on nails? 

  1. Wash your hands. 

  2. Push back cuticles with wooden stick

  3. Buff nails gently with file until nail bed has no shine

  4. Wipe with alcohol wipe 

  5. Apply glue on nail bed 

  6. Put press on nail on nail bed

  7. Hold for 15 seconds

  8. Done!!

How do I remove press on nails? 

  1. Wash your hands

  2. Use wooden stick and gently make a separation between the nail and the nail bed (optional: apply cuticle oil to help separation of nails)

  3. Get a bowl of warm water and soap in a bowl and soak for 10 mins 

  4. Gently take off nail using wooden stick or it should slide off

  5. To Remove glue residue; you can soak in warm acetone or remove with file

  6. Wash your hands and moisturize 

  7. Done !

I don't know my nail size. How can I size my nail? 

The easiest way to know your size is by buying a sizing kit. You also have an option of buying a Full Set with some of the designs. This will come with 18-20 different nail sizes to help you choose what nail size best fits you.

Are they reusable?

Yes! If you properly take them off with water and cuticle oil they will come right off! And you can apply again.

How long do they last on my nails? 

They can last from 1-3 weeks depending on application. 

What comes with my press on nail and delivery package? 

Your package comes with press on nail set, glue, wooden stick, alcohol wipes, nail file, business card and instructions.

Can I update/customize a current design?

Please put in the nail notes with your order or please email me at support@ki2apressnails.com.

Can you make custom styles?

I am always open to creating a vision. Email support@ki2apressnails.com and we can communicate on this custom design.

I lost my nail. Can I replace it?

Sure! Here is the link Replace Nail (Imran: I will create this page later)

What are the nails made out of?

90% of the nails are made out of Apre Nail shapes, while the other 10% are made from plastic. My current shapes are Super Short Square, Short Square*, Medium Coffin*, Medium Oval*, Medium Stiletto*, Long Coffin, Long Stiletto*, Long Ballerina* Made with apres nail tips.

I don’t know my size.

The easiest way to know your size is by buying a sizing kit. You also have an option of buying a Full Set, which is 2 sets of sizes from 0-9, for only solid color designs.

I have not received my order, what should I do?

Please contact support@ki2apressnails.com and we will assist you further. Also due to the influx of mail order within the postal services, they sometimes can be delayed with packages.

What If I purchase my nails and it does not fit?

KI2APRESS Nails is NOT RESPONSIBLE for your nails not fitting when placing your order, and unfortunately its not refundable. Each order is individually made and respectfully, you have the option to order a sizing kit to pre-measure your nails or get a full set. However, we all make mistake. you can order a replacement nail.